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Buy Creation of Backlinks in Sites to Upload Audios

Creaci�n de Backlinks en Sitios para Subir Audios
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Discover a great way to diversify your backlink strategy and spread your promotional message using audios.
We upload your audio document, no more than 10 MB to audio sharing sites. In other words, there will be sites where you can listen to your audio online and even click on the links in the description. It is important that your audio invites listeners to visit your website.

For this task we generally request:
  • Upload to Google Drive or similar service 1 audio MP3 up to 10 MB and provide us link to download
  • Provide Title, Description, tags and URL to your website
  • OPTIONAL: Provide text up to 100 words to convert to audio, via TTS (Text-to-Speech)
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Creation of Backlinks in Sites to Upload Audios
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