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Buy Advanced Plan 6: Domination via Youtube

Plan Avanzado 6: Dominaci�n v�a Youtube
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The most complete and effective YouTube video positioning plan to improve your SERP results and generate organic traffic.

Dominate your competition in the most competitive keywords, Google loves videos and we do 3 tasks (video optimization, Youtube promotion and backlinks/social signals campaign) in 1 single joint project. It´s the ideal campaign to promote your affiliate links, capture pages, products and any page you can think of.

You will have already noticed how common it is to see today that the first positions of results in Google are dominated by some video. The question is simple to understand: videos attract attention, everyone watches videos daily on the Internet.

That´s why we offer you a unique 3 in 1 monetization and traffic campaign.

There are no tutorials or anything exotic to learn about it, leave it all in our hands, just give us a hand:
  • 1 URL of your website or your Youtube
  • 1-5 Keywords
  • Description of the video and its purpose
From there we create the most complete campaign you can imagine, saving you hours of effort and resources you should have to do it yourself.

In other words, in just 1 campaign you are creating pyramids of links, social signals, media buzz for each of the videos you promote with this package.

With this marketing plan made to succeed in Google you save valuable time that you would have to occupy in:
  • Optimize the details of your video
  • Promote through social bookmarks
  • Generate visits, comments, likes, favorites and shares for your video
  • Generate social signals (Likes, Votes, Shares, Retweets, etc)
  • Promotion on websites 2.0 (Blogs, Document Sharing, Social Networks)
  • Create Backlinks
  • Create press releases and distribute them
  • And then repeat this plan over and over again with each project you come up with...
It is time and also money that you save on hiring each of these tasks separately because in 1 place here you have our service ALL in ONE for a small investment.

How to Make Money with this Strategy

You can be as creative as you can think of, that is, you don´t even need a website for this strategy:
You can promote products or services with your affiliate links. No need to have a website and create content, no knowledge of any niche, list of emails or contacts in social networks. This is the most basic way to make money on the Internet.
  • You can promote your own products and services or CPA offers.
  • Promote your email capture pages.

How this Statute Works

From the URLs of your video on YouTube and your keywords that you provide us with, we do an investigation to evaluate what you are promoting and we design the campaign with which your video will be promoted and made known on the network.

Then, we do a complete work gathering all the strategies under the sun dedicated exclusively for the positioning of each one of the videos you send us.

This method of promotion and positioning has proven for a long time to achieve high positions in the search results of Youtube and consequently in Google, apart from providing instant traffic when dealing with videos, as well as long term traffic.

And best of all, you now have a professional team at your disposal doing all this for you without moving a finger.


We have at your disposal 3 plans where the substantial difference lies in the strategies employed and the amount offered in each one.
Got Questions?
Chat for support thru Telegram @CheradaSupport
Let us accompany you in real time throughout the process of placing your order and its management.

Make Your Choice:


Plan 1

Expected delivery 30 days
First Tier
  • 1 Video Analysis
  • 5000 YouTube Views
  • 100 YouTube Likes
  • 100 YouTube Embeds
  • 20 YouTube Subscribers
  • 5 YouTube Comments
  • 1000 Social Signals
  • 2 Video Creation
  • All in One Backlink Campaign
Second Tier
  • 1000 Comments in Blogs
  • Indexing Service: Yes
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Plan 2

Expected delivery 30 days
First Tier
  • 1 Video Analysis
  • 10000 YouTube Views
  • 200 YouTube Likes
  • 200 YouTube Embeds
  • 50 YouTube Subscribers
  • 5 YouTube Comments
  • 2000 Social Signals
  • 5 videos to create
  • All in One Backlink Campaign
Second Tier
  • 2000 Comments in Blogs
  • Indexing Service: Yes
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Plan 3

Expected delivery 30 days
First Tier
  • 1 Video Analysis
  • 20000 YouTube Views
  • 300 YouTube Likes
  • 300 YouTube Embeds
  • 100 YouTube Subscribers
  • 5 YouTube Comments
  • 3000 Social Signals
  • 10 videos to create
  • All in One Backlink Campaign
Second Tier
  • 3000 Comments in Blogs
  • Indexing Service: Yes
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