List of Federal Crimes and Offenses

Federal Crimes or Federal Offenses are those that hare commited against the United States as a whole and go beyond a single State. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is in charge of investigating federal offenses.

Most common Federal Crimes are Mail Fraud, Kidnapping, Tax Evasion, Museum Robbery, Drug Offenses, Inmigration Offenses and Assassinating the President.

List of Federal Crimes and Federal Offenses

  1. Child Pornography

  2. Financial Fraud

  3. Criminal Conspiracy

  4. Government Fraud

  5. Insider Trading

  6. International Crimes

  7. International Extradition

  8. Federal Economic Espionage

  9. Money Laundering

  10. Telemarketing FraudSex Crimes

  11. Mail Fraud

  12. Cyberstalking

  13. Kickbacks

  14. Bribery

  15. Counterfeiting

  16. Credit Card Fraud

  17. Asset Forfeiture

  18. Embezzlement

  19. Bankruptcy Fraud

  20. Public Corruption

  21. Business Fraud and Theft

  22. State Felony Appeals

  23. Antitrust Violations

  24. Insurance Fraud