Top 10 Sites to Watch TV Channels Online by Country

If you are an addict to learn languages and want to improve your skills, this guide will help you find the best spots to watch TV online for free or you might just want to satiate your curiosity to see what's going on around the TV world.


Here you can find a neat selection of the best TV channels from around the english world and also stream live feeds from major radio networks.

TV Bistro

Has one of the biggest collections of TV live feeds updated periodically. You can navigate thru categories, countries, languages and watch TV for free for hours without boring.

Global Internet TV

With more than 10,000+ channels available in its databases, there is no way to say, I couldn't find that channel. These tons of channels are classified under its respective country, and you can browse by local TV, Web TV channels and see a guide of Video on Demand services available too.


With these guys you don't have to worry again about what do tonight! They have a huge collection of feeds readily available and updated from every top TV channel around the world. It's worth the visit, since you can find various options to stream the TV feeds from the classics Real and Windows Media players to the fancy UStream and JustinTV embeds.

Channel Chooser

They do not offer as many channels as the two previous sites in our review, but they have a very well designed website very attractive for navigation and visualization of the TV feeds they have in the more of 3000 channels available. You can browse alphabetically by country, there is a mobile version of the site as well. Not only that, it has a especial section with channels for Adults!


This site can be viewed in as many languages as English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, etc. It features live TV feeds from around the world categorized by countries and streamed in Real, Windows Media and Flash formats. Plus, Medinalia offers a huge selections of the best radios online from the globe, ordered in the same format as with the TV guide and finally the best part you can find a huge collection of TV series from the USA and Spain.


This website is in spanish, but who cares? Anyway, you can easily browse the channels just by finding the name of the country or its flag and then select the channel you are looking for, very intuitive and tv live feeds are updated regularly providing a high quality of channels from all parts of the world.