Steps to Manage Your Orders

Below we provide you with a descriptive graphic tutorial with all the necessary steps to deliver the information requested for the services you have contracted, as well as to receive the reports and grade the work.

PART 1: Sending  Data for Items hired

After purchasing, an order is generated containing all the hired services. To provide the information we need to do our work:

1.- Go to “My Orders” menu

2.- Click on recent order listed

3.- On order page you will see listed every item hired

In the left column you will see a box under the name: Order #, where 3 sections are listed:

– Order Details:
there you will see the billing information of your purchase.

– Order Items:
Where you send us the information required for us to do the work, we deliver the reports of completed work and you can rate each item after delivered.

– Enquieries
Where you can send us your concerns regarding the items hired or any information you want to add.

4.- In the “Order Items” section you will see 5 columns listed with the titles:
– Rating (icon of a star)

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5.- Send Information for each Item

For each of the items with “Info Pending” status in the Action column you will see 3 icons listed. To give us the information needed for us to do the job, you click on the first highlighted icon that has a “pencil and paper”.


A modal window will open, on your left you will find the indications for the information you must provide and on your right a text area for you to provide the information and attach files if necessary.

After clicking on Submit Info, the job goes to “Info in Review” status.

PART 2: Delivery of Completed Items

When a completed job report is sent to you, you will receive an email notification alerting you to log in to your account and review your order to download the job report. Also, inside your account, you will see an area with alerts for job delivery notifications.

In the Jobs section of your Order, in the Action column you will see 3 icons, the second icon, the one with the download arrow, is activated when you receive the report delivery, and also the third one with the star.

  • Go ahead then, we are waiting for the data requested for the contracted work and start with your order!


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