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Do you still use MySpace, Hi5 or Xanga? If you are going to write anyway, wouldn’t be better if you earn money? When you sign up, you can earn money thru ads displayer on your articles that earn you money each time a visitor clicks on any of those ads. It’s that easy and free!

Our network of targeted websites allows you to publish your articles and share with you Google AdSense earnings, from 55% to 75% of your ads exposure! Now your articles not only will reach more exposure thru our network of targeted websites, you will also receive AdSense earnings.

Don’t worry, we do ALL the rest! is a place for bloggers to publish their articles, without worrying for anything else. This let bloggers to focus on writting, instead of having to build a website from scratch, find visitors, find a reliable hosting service and monetize the traffic, etc.

How it Works

Using is easy:

You create content that is original and unique*>
We publish your content in the most relevant website according to the topic*>
You obtain more recognition and more readership while earning money.*>

It’s easy: you create, we publish and you earn money.

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Publish your Ideas Online

Once your content is submited and approved, we will publish it in one website of our network that suits better the topic and target audience. Our network includes targeted websites focused on particular topics such as technology, entertainment, health, travel, tutorials and much more.

You have tools to track your published articles in our network of websites. You can even modify your profile page to transform it into a portfolio that competes and rivals with any blog.

Guaranteed Visits, Recognition and Income

There are a number of technical and financial challenges people must face when dealing with the creation of articles online so that work may be worth the effort and earns some income besides. With, you can focues on what you know to do best – create content! We deal with marketing, support, maintenance and functioning of all operations so you don’t have to do it. helps you distribute your content in such way that your work gets the most traffaic, recognition and income. As sook as your content gets published, this starts generating income for your thru contextual advertising displayed on your pages where your content is available. We share with you starting from 50% ad exposure of AdSense blocks within the pages displaying your content.

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