Publishing Policies for Article Submission

Below there are listed our policies and rules that users must abide in order to use It is your responsibility to abide by this rules and regulations or you risk yourself for the permanent termination of your account with or without any notice.

The following is forbidden:

Utilize another user’s login information to an account in without its owner permission.*>
Reveal your login details to third parties or allow them to login to your account.*>
Sell or in other way to transfer your account to another person.*>
Click on your own advertising or request others to do it; clicking on ads or links just for the purpose of increasing the earnings of someone else in Google AdSense; participate or have a membership in any web surfing programs for money, or in any traffic/link exchanged, be it for your own benefit or for the benefit of any third party while you are a member of*>
Make use of in an inconsistent way with any and all the laws and pertinent regulations.*>
All text written in CAPITAL or without the proper punctuation/grammar/spelling, including titles.*>
Content that contains an excesive, irrelevant or repetitive use of keywords in a title, tags or body.*>
Content that contains excesive violence or profanity.*>
Content that references or links to the use of illegal drugs or any illegal substance. The mentioned does not apply for educational articules or with newsworthy content in relation to this topic.*>
Content or links to any type of pornography, nudity, sexual language or adult content.*>
Content that denotes or promotes any kind of violence, defamatory views or hate speech towards any individual, group or organization.*>
Content that promotes information you are not aware of its veracity or that could be understood as defamatory or slanderous.*>
Content that solicists or publishes private information about oneself or any other user. Images from other user without consent.*>
Content that involves the promotion of any product or service. We reserve our right to reject any article that we perceive to be a scam or any scheme to make money.*>
Content that promotes drug sales (lega or otherwise), fireguns, alcohol, tobacco products or designer imitation products.*>
Content that promotes the creation of illegal weaponry, hackking or creating computer viruses, betting or stealing of any commercial secret.*>
Content that pretends to damage the reputation of Cherada, its network of websites, Google AdSense or any of our advertisers.*>
Content not written by the user. This includes the partial copying of another’s work.*>
Articles or comments cannot link to illegal TV content, movies or sports. You can link to any legal website or free ones such as or*>
All content must be published in any of the following two languages in a very fluent way: English or Spanish.*>
Multiple articles containing the same content. Quotations or disclaimers are allowed, but each article must have unique content.*>

Besides, remember that is at the end a community for the people that enjoy writting articles. Hereby declares and reserves the right to reject the membership or remove any material in any time, without cause or explanation.



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