Publishing Guidelines II

Getting a high traffic in your articles depends on following a number of steps. We’ve already seen how to create great titles and the way how the advertisement works. On this second part you’ll learn how to write a good Post, select the right tags and the correct way to add links within your articles.

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6. How To Write the Body of Your Article

It has to have at least 300 words to be considered a good article, if you want to write something a little more extensive you can write up to 1,000 words. Also you could fractionate you article delivering it by installments, let’s say Part 1 and Part 2 with 500 words in each.

Do not repeat the title of your article in the body.

Your article must talk about what has been promissed in the title. We do not accept links so the visitor continues reading in another website or receives the full benefit that has been promissed in the title in another website.

Do not write articles for commercial purposes as to promote a product or service you own or from a third party, using promotional language and adding links to sale pages or affiliate links. We will delete your article.

7. Add Keywords in the Tags

Tags help to grasp a better idea about your article and to guide the search engines about the content. Keywords used as tags for your article will work better the more related they are with the topic discussed. Avoid at any cost using keywords too general or vague.

8. How to Add Properly Links in the Article

Your links should not contain a file to be downloaded of any type.

We do not allow links to websites that have been blocked by Google or if your website is involved in questionable SEO practices.

You are not allowed to repeat twice a link within the same article.

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Articles containing links to our website with strategic anchor texts are not allowed if they do not add any informational value to the article. Any use of anchor text linking to websites you own should add value to the topic discussed in the article instead of noticing as clear abuse of the link with anchor text. The goald of this policy is that you behave as good user by only allowing those articles that add value through the use of anchor text when linking instead of doing so for purely SEO reasons. Please limit the lenght of the anchor text to 3 words if your article is less than 400 words and 5 words in the anchor text is in an article with more than 400 words.

Example: “In your article you link the words ‘Pet care’ to an article you wrote about pet care. This is a good example of anchor text linked in opposition to linking the same text to your webpage since doing this does not add any value to the article”.

In regard to the ammount of links to be placed in an article, there are no limits as long as you make reference to websites that are useful for the readers. For instance, if you write an article recommending 10 different websites to accomplish an objective by describing in detail each website linked, or you may also write a tutorial where you refeence to diverse website that provide further information.

We do not accept links to websites with adult content of any kind.

We do not accept links to websites under construction. Websites should be active and have content so you can link them from your article.

We reject articles with affiliate links. It is all right, however, that you redirect/forward to an affiliate link from a website you own. For instance, it is allowed to redirect to an affiliate link from:


… but it is not allowed to redirect to an affiliat link from:


This is one of our many publishing quality standards for the articles that get published through our network.

9. How To Earn Money with by Setting Goals it is not a get rich quick overnight scheme, so do not expect to make hundreds of dollars overnight.

A reasonable goal could be to earn $3.33 daily. Thus you will have enough to reach the minimum threshold and receive a monthly check for $100 from Google.

Publishing from three to five articles a day could be a good way to make constant earnings.

NOTE: It could take about three months of constant publishing before you sea any consistent earninghs from, so do not disapoint yourself.



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