How to Make 3D Glasses

To make these 3d glasses will need the following:

* Paper cellophane or acetate of red and blue
* Scissors
* Masking tape or glue.


Print this page and cut the figures marked, including the opening of the lens. Double the parts listed in dashed lines.

Cut the cellophane or acetate to a size larger than the opening of the lens

Glue the paper in red on the left side of the center of the lens, and preferably on the right side cyan color (and if you can not blue). Finally, paste the parts listed in dashed lines, pre-bent to the center of the lens.

And presto! Already have 3D glasses ready!

ready to use and watch movies, videos, pictures or even play some games.

You can test them with this image:

You have to see the plant in front of you!! If you don´t see it clare, trya different position.

ENJOY your new 3d glasses!! And the best of all, you spent less than a dolar!