Under the Dome, the Perfect Gift of 2009 - by Stephen King

So, you are looking for gift ideas for this Christmas of 2009? Well, you can stop your research now. There are very great Novels in this stage of the year but one that definitely has liked me is the brand new Stephen King's novel: Under the Dome.

Under the Dome

It all take place in this lovely town of Maine, Chester's Mill. All of the sudden a Dome seals up Chester from the outside world by an invisible force. No one know what's going on and people can see how planes crash with the dome. But there are some clever guys that get organized and try to do something about it, although they're running out of time!

One great thing about Stephen King's latest novels is the efforts that he puts to the book environment. I mean, know we can see great 3D illustrations that captures the greatness of Mr. King's brain.

On this video Stephen King talks about how he came out with Under the Dome novel:

Where to buy Under the Dome

You can get a hardcover of this novel on Amazon following this link: Buy New: Under the Dome by Stephen King - Hardcover

Stephen King