+800 Custom Photoshop Photo Frames and Borders Packs and Tutorials

There's nothing much to say about it except that
you can create awesome photo frames in Photoshop just by following the guidelines you'll find on theses tutorials

You can always create your photo frames online but to be honest there's nothing like having Photoshop installed on your PC and be able to create your own designs.

Photoshop Photo Frames and Borders

Photoshop Roadmap give us exactly that:
Great tutorials to create amazing photo frames and borders using brushes and actions

photo frames and borders

Some of the Photo Frames styles that you'll be able to create with these tutorials are:

  • Classic wooden frame

  • Folded Photo Effect

  • Polaroid Collage

  • Photo transfer edge effect

  • Out of bounds effect

  • Festive photo frame

  • Vintage photo corners

  • Realistic Film frame

  • 35mm slide frame effect

  • Vintage Polaroid effect

  • US postage stamp effect

  • Halftone edge effect

  • Vintage greeting card