Celebrity autographs, Free!


Entry to this page and find the name of your favorite artist, or the one you want an autograph from. In my case I will look at Angelina Jolie.


Find the email of the artist in question and copy it. In this case, mine is this: angelinajolie@studiofanmail.com


Open your email box (it could be gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc) and send an email to that address. In the subject should read "Please send me a signed photo of Angelina Jolie, thank you"

You ask them to send it to your home address. You put it ALL the data (the name is not necessary, but just in case Put it). Total importance in the zip code and city.
These are the necessary data:
Zip Code

It is a matter of luck and patience, but keep in mind that they have to send from Los Angeles.
Now you wait for it. Depending on your country may take 10 to 20 days to arrive.
Good Luck!