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The Best Affiliate Program in 2023: Lifetime Commissions

• Cherada Network

Lifetime Commissions
It's that simple. We pay you 5% commission for each and every purchase made by the customers you refer to us...

For life! You read it right, forever!

That's what the Cherada Network Affiliate Program is all about.

How It Works

Commission: 5%
Applied to: All purchases of services made by your affiliates throughout their lives.

Cherada Network is the best affiliate program in SEO and Digital Marketing Niche. Lifetime commissions for each purchase. When you refer a customer to us and they buy any service listed publicly in our catalog, you get 5% commission on the sale, regardless of whether they buy today or within 1 year or later. That's 50% of what Cherada Network has left after paying payment processors and collaborators!

How To Apply to the Program

Registrarse al Programa de Afiliados de Cherada Network

Simple, when you register as a user of Cherada Network you become an affiliate at that moment, counting on your special links that register each user who registers under your sponsorship and from there, all your commissions on their purchases.

We have generators of affiliate links to promote either the home page, a category of services or a specific service, for any link you use to promote us will register that new user under your sponsorship.

How To Promote and Refer News Customers
Promover Programa de Afiliados de Cherada Network

Easy, you have all the network to promote among your acquaintances and followers our services. Surely you know someone who would save a lot of time and effort by entrusting writing, translation, design and online marketing tasks to us. So you can use the power of social networks, forums and your own websites to solve the needs of many looking for solutions for their projects.

How to Start

1. Sign Up for an account at Cherada Network, this instantly turns you into an affiliate.

2. We pay 5% lifetime commission for each purchase made by each of your referred customers.

3. As easy as pasting a link to your affiliate code on any web page where people can click and register as our customer under your sponsorship.

4. If you are already registered as a Cherada Network user, you are already an affiliate and can promote us to earn commissions!

5. We pay at the beginning of each month through Paypal the amount of your commissions accumulated to date equal to or greater than $20.

Learn more about our Affiliate Program Terms of Service.