Marketing Services (SEO) Tricks Against Google Panda Cruelty

Google Panda was launched at February 24, 2011 and it definitely brings tremendous impacts on SEO mechanisms and online marketing services. Panda was dedicated to filter quality websites by reducing low quality website rank. What it means? Google will kick out website which has no useful content, copy paste content.

The problem appear when Panda often misjudging genuine sites with good content and award it with a severe penalty, rank decrement. This is a totally tragedy if you have an online store or several establish websites. I will give you several solutions, to guard your current rank, propel your website into a better position on Google which is the main target of marketing services. The tricks are namely

1. Fill your website with great and genuine content as a Google Panda marketing services trick.

You should aware that Panda will grant you a nice position on Google rank if you can put quality content on your website. Quality content usually consist of these things, such as
– It has useful information and unique.
– Easy to understand and navigate.
– You should provide human readable content and stay away from spun.
– It is recommended to add some humor and good graphics as long it suit your content theme.
– One of the marketing services old but effective ways is attaching images in your new post and it will be great if the images are from your own custom pictures. Panda will give you a better score if you use your own creation rather than stock imagery.

2. Be more careful with ads.
You should reduce ads if you don’t want your websites end up at the bottom of search engine rank.

3. Maximize social media power to propel your rank on Panda
You can choose one of these two options or do both of them, they are

a. On page social media hint
You should add this following button or features to your website in order to be recognized by Panda, they are
– One of the marketing services tricks regarding to SEO is adding like Facebook button on your landing or main page.
– You should put in Google+ button in every post that you make especially at your main pages. You will get a distinguish result if you do this step.
– It is recommended to attach "share" button of any kind of social media on your site pages. Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, YouTube are the examples.
– You must remember to get live Facebook comments feed and Live Twitter feed on you landing page as one of your marketing services strategies.

b. Off page social media hint
I suggest you to do these following steps to maximize your marketing services potential, they are
– Create Twitter account that suit your website theme and increase your followers.
– You should build a community with Google+ as an effective way of marketing services.
– If you have a bit of money you can create several contest on your Twitter account, to boost your twitter enthusiasts, which eventually increase your website traffic.
– You should share your content one by one on your site as your marketing services strategy.

Panda is not as cruel as people thought in marketing services industry, as long you know the tricks.


Author: Cherada Network

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