Stunning New Trends in Web Development

Web development is always changing and evolving each and every year (and in between as well). Changing the development for web pages is one easy way to attract more people to your website.

In this article we will be going over the most popular trends in web development – and whether or not you should incorporate it into your site.

Responsive Web Design

This is a new development that has been rampant all over the internet lately – and for a good reason. Responsive web development actually responds to the type of interface and device that you are using in order to be the most compatible and visually smart. Whether you are viewing the web page from a laptop at home or your smart-phone on the go, the website will be easily accessible and still look great no matter what device you are on. It is thought that this type of web development will not only stick around, but that it will become untalked about in years to come – only because it will have been adopted in all websites. It is a very useful technology and should be learned from.

Fixed Place Navigation Development

Although this trend is completely new, it is currently gaining more popularity again and thought to be making a "come-back". This type of web development features an interface that has a few important links that stay constant somewhere on the page no matter where you are looking. This makes it much easier to access certain parts of the web page without having to waste time scrolling back up.

Large Image Backgrounds

Web development being designed around one large static background image is becoming pretty popular nowadays. For example, one travel website using the website development trend of large backgrounds may utilize a picture of a woman on a beach for the whole website background. This gives the viewer a static idea of what they will be enjoying if they keep visiting the website or using the service offered. Choosing the image to portray in the background is the hardest part of this development – the links and web content can easily be fixed to move while the background does not. But what picture to choose? Designers and company executives alike must be happy with the image chosen to represent their site.

Touchscreen Website Development

Now although this type of web development is not available on most lap-tops, a lot of sites and applications are including this type of interactive interface because it is just so popular – even among non-tech users. The touchscreen development brings a whole new way to interact with the web and this will be a huge trend for quite awhile. Although Apple products were among the first to utilize this technology in abundance, it is now spreading to many other internet providers and web developers alike. Why click a link when you can just tap it with a finger? It is just one more way that the internet is becoming intertwined with our daily lives.


Author: Cherada Network

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