Remembering Casanova: the man, the lover

Let us remember this rare lover, let us feel free to think and opine about him – he is not with us today -. Today we remember a little about him, perhaps to admire, perhaps to know a little more, perhaps to discover the Casanova that often surfaced in our lives, perhaps to compare to him.

Who has not heard anytime about this unusual lover named Casanova? Casanova was born of a couple of Spanish actors in Venice on April 2, 1725. He was always stuck in violent adventures, lived and triumphed everywhere by his wits and courage. As a lover without loyalty led a life completely dedicated to his professional lover destiny, though he lacked the emotional and spiritual components that have characterized most famous lovers.

Casanova was ugly but of evocative appearance and piercing eyes, was of very notable stature and large nose, a sign of great sexual appetite. He had tenor voice, the gesture of his hands was bright and suggested sexual wealth. His dress emphasized much, maybe to hide a little his physical ugliness.

He always came to the cities surrounded by great pomp and pageantry to impress people, but above all concerned to impose the masculine admiration to take advantage of the repercussion that this has in the admiration of women, what facilitated his conquests. Casanova?s weapons were gold, power and mystery, but his larger weapons were not to be ashamed to conquer women, even if it meant pledging eternal love on his knees, crying his eyes out. The other weapon was the time, because when Casanova undertook the conquest of a new girl never looked at the clock or calendar. In his memoirs the clock appears only to remember the time of an event, the time is not listed as a factor in the life of Casanova. The space, it is the landscape, is also absent from the memoirs of Casanova. With this amazing oblivion of time and space can be easily deduced that he only focused, whether for a day or for a year in his new conquest. Thus, few women could resist a man that made them feel so desired.

Casanova always protected himself from the danger of one love, seducing several women at once, as he was convinced it was easier to be a mediocre lover of many women that a good husband of one. Learned to exploit the ambivalent feeling of admiration-hate of men, who hated him to know that he "robbed their wives?, but at the same time unconsciously admired him because he was the man who everyone secretly wanted to be. He also exploited women resentment against men. Thus, women who apparently despised him subconsciously seemed to enjoy being seduced by Casanova, as revenge for having been subdued, neglected or abandoned by other men.

He flattered female ego with false show of respect, but he really was not interested. Casanova did not fall in love, he just flattered women, did not even interfere with their dreams and inner self. Casanova loved lie, it is a sign of sexual weakness, was sexually very immature. He was unable to feel jealous or sad as any normal lover.

Perhaps we rejoice to know that we can love the way Casanova could never do, but if he could see us may laugh at the way we overvalue that feeling we call love.


Author: Cherada Network

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