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Now we continue to explain to you with detailed information all you need to know about our different publisher levels available for our users using the Cherada Network which indicates the hierarchy of an editor.

The criteria used for this classification is based on the number of approved articles published a user has in our network, besides this indicates the level of additional percentage that a user can win for the exposure of its AdSense ads when reaching the higher levels within this classification.

First of all, it is necessary that in order to earn money from the AdSense ads displayed on the pages or the articles published by an user must have filled the field in "My Account" with its own Google AdSense Pub ID.

In order to activate this Pub ID associated with the AdSense account of a publisher, this one must have with 10 approved articles published in any of the websites of our network.

Starting from this criteria we count the different hierarchy levels existing in our network for the publishers participating with their articles and the awards available when reaching the higher levels.

This is the list of hierarchy levels for Publishers:

Junior Editor

Requires 10 articles published.

Senior Editor

Requires 50 articles published.

Chief Editor

Requires 100 articles published.

Master Editor

Requires 500 articles published.

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Award: additional 5% exposure of your AdSense ads in your articles starting from 501 to 1000.

Webmaster Editor

Requires 1000 articles published.

Award: additional 10% exposure of your AdSense ads in your articles starting from 1001 onwards.

So this is our invitation to al participants in to contribute by writing articles, thus scalating higher levels and earning even more money from Google AdSense, besides remember that everytime you invite your friends to join you earn 10% exposure of your AdSense ads on your friends articles.

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