Change Hairstyles, Hair Colors and Hair Extensions with Photoshop

This is the complete tutorial to change everything about the Hair with Photoshop: Hairstyle, hair color and adding hair extensions. You can even cut the whole hair if you want and dramatically change the whole person appearance. So, basically we are talking about a extreme Phothoshop Hair Makeover.

Last week my best friend’s girlfriend was angry because she’d had a terrible hair cut. Not only did they screw the hair color but also cut more hair than desired.

I told her not to worry,that she let me take some pictures of her (she had gone to buy new clothes too so it was the perfect occasion). So my friend and his girlfriend sit next to me in front of the computer and started to play a little bit with Photoshop. The results were amazing. She could barely believe what we had just done.

So these are three tutorials that will show you how you can change hairstyles using Adobe Photoshop, and also tips to change the hair color and make it look longer.

Changing Hairstyles with Photoshop

What is great about Adobe Photoshop is that you can cut the face and then use a number of hairstyles that will make the person completely different. And this is perfect if you want to first check how some hairstyle look on you before going to the saloon.

In this

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