TomTom vs Garmin GPS Systems – GPS Car Tracking Devices

So I was wondering which TomTom or Garmin GPS System was better for my brand new car. I’m been interested in GPS Car Tracking Devices since they first came out a few years ago. Though I live in the States, I don’t quite enjoy driving automatic cars and I’m always looking for japanese models. Also, I love getting interesting devices like GPS and music players.

Though I know there are different models in both Tomtom and Garmin GPS Systems, the idea here is to compare in general these two popular brands and conclude which is better.

Despite the brand you are using GPS has expanded its features to the level of not being just a tool so you know where you are but to receive traffic alerts, play music and even integrate it with your mobile cell phone via bluetooth.

Some people carry their GPS Devices all the time because of their size.

Tomtom is a dutch company with headquarters in Amsterdan while Garmin is based in Kansas.

Tomtom GPS System features

<*>Touchscreen with a wide screen version of maps.
<*>Real Time traffic reports
<*>Maps with all 50 states
<*>Turn-by-turn voice directions
<*>Integrated Bluetooth
<*>Compass mode
<*>Anti glare screen
<*>Included windshield mount
<*>Withstands temperatures

Garmin GPS System features

<*>2D or 3D views
<*>Maps for all 50 US states
<*>Turn-by-turn directions with street names
<*>Real time traffic and weather
<*>Picture album
<*>Audio book player
<*>Travel alarm
<*>Currency converter
<*>Included suction dash mount

Both Tomtom and Garmin GPS System are great. You can get one from $150 to $700.


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