Eye Effects and Photo Retouch Photoshop Tutorials

Eyes transmit all our feelings either positive or negative. When you take a photo of yourself the result should reflect security, respect, confidence or that you are embracing life. You don’t get that every time you take a photo, but you can always retouch them and give them some great eye effects.

So, is my purpose today to share with you some great tools and tutorials to retouch your photos. I want to make you look like a star. In fact, all those great magazine covers, perfume, clothes, makeup and lingerie ads have been retouch somehow.

Retouch and Repair Old and Damaged Photos


You might have some photos that are damaged and you want to make them look like they originally did. Photoshop Talent give us precisely that, 30 tutorials guiding you step by step through the process of recovering your old pictures.


Author: Cherada Network

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