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Vanessa Marcil is without a doubt one of the hottest actresses on TV. Though she is 41 years old, her body and her lovely face look like a 24 year old beautiful woman. Vanessa is popular for her appearances on the TV Shows Las Vegas and General Hospital. It’s a honor to me to present these hot photos of some of Vanessa’s scene pictures.

Vanessa Ortiz Marcil is the daughter of Mexican Peter Ortiz and French Patricia Marcil. That’s the reason why she is so incredibly hot. Her mother has French, Italian and Portuguese ancestry, and joining that along with the Latin Mexican blood, voila!

Vanessa was born on October 15h 1968 (Libra) so she’s 41 years old to date. But to be honest she wouldn’t be lying if she told us that she’s just 28. She’s got the body of a fine tuned young beautiful woman, and her face is made in heaven.

Marcil has acted on a handful of movies but not much famous though. I mean, Storm Watch? what’s that anyway. But we are not here to criticize here career but to honor her beauty and charm.

As to for awards Vanessa Marcil has been so in several times mostly as a General Hospital nominee. She was considered the Hottest Female Star in 1997 and won for Favorite Return in 2003 as she was absent for her marriage with Brian Austin Green (Beverly Hills 90210) with whom she had a son in 2002.

Vanessa Marcil Photo @ Maxim Magazine:

Just another Vanessa Marcil hot photo at bed:

Could you imagine Vanessa waiting for you to sit next to her dressing like that? She looks hot!

Vanessa has a very natural and lovely smile:

Even wearing regular clothes in a casual day at the beach she creates that impact.

I think that Vanessa Marcil is one of those women that somehow look better with the pass of the years. She’s a extremely attractive forty cougar that obviously looks better than when she was younger. Take a look at this old picture to see what I’m talking about. Vanessa was 25 years old when had this interview. I’m not saying that she didn’t look hot back then but definitely she’s better these days.


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