List of Top 10 Extreme Sports Videos

This List include 10 of the most extreme sports videos that people practice all over the world. From surfing in Australia to Base Jumpimg in high mountains. Some of these exports are not legal and others are part of the X-Games competitions promoted by ESPN TV Network. Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Surfing, Sky Surfing and Base Jumping comple the list of extreme sports including clips of these extreme sports and videos.

Extreme Sports are all about adrenaline. People who practice these X-games and extreme outdoor activities don’t earn much money as people playing on baseball leagues or other traditional sports in a professional basis. And that’s because one of the main characteristics of people practicing Extreme Sports is Pasion. Extreme Sports are by nature highly dangerous and go against the preconceived ideas of society. But all this danger can be managed by tons of practice. And that’s preciselly what people who perform them do. They devote an important part of their lives to it, to the level of sacrificing their traditional careers.

Extreme Sports can be performed on air, land or water. Some are more common than others, and if you travel to certain countries like El Salvador or Costa Rica you’ll be able to practice many of them because in just a couple of hours you are at the top of a mountain and next your at the beach, lake or river. Besides, Central American countries like those have excellent weather during the whole year. Common extreme sports that you will find there are Mountain Biking, Base Jumping, Bungee Jumping, Hang Gliding, Sky Surfing, Sky Flying, Buggies, Motocross, Climbing, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and, my all time favorite, Surfing.

One interesting definition of Sports and Games come from the remarkable Enerst Hemingway that once said that there were actually only three sports: bullfighting, mountaineering and motor racing… and that all the others where simply games. The term Extreme came up later when ESPN created the X Games.

Top 10 Extreme Sports

I’m going to talk a little about the 5 more Extreme Sports acording to my crazy friend Steve. He’s lived in El Salvador, Honduras and Costa Rica for the last couple of years, and trust me, he knows what he’s talking about.

5. Extreme Surfing in Australia

Australia is definetely one of the best places to go surfing. You can find 5 meters waves here, sort of epic waves. So why don’t you just check out these extreme surfing by Glen Sullivan and Brendan Newton.

4. Extreme Rock Climbing at Yosemite’s

Yosemite attracks tens of thousands of people every year that share a common goal: climb the solid captain granite wall of over 1,000 meters. Expeditions take days but the climbing record was set by Hans Florine and Yuji Hirayama with hours and 38 minutes!

3. Extreme Sky Surfing

How cool can skying on the sky can be?! Well these guys do precisely that before opening their parachutes.

2. Extreme Mountain Biking

What… did you think that mountain biking was a cool outdoor activity with not much adrenaline. Well, think twice after taking a look to this video in which we see guys at more of 100 km per hour going down the grand canyon with high jumps and everything.

1. Extreme Base Jumping

The difference between Bungee Jumping and Base Jumping is that Base Jumping is way more extreme. People who jumps choose the most ackward places as platforms to make incredible jumps with just the right time to open their parachutes near the floor. All these jumps tend to be illegal but that why it make it the most extreme sport.

So there you are, the top 5 most extreme sports ever!

The list will continue, there are other 5 extreme sports that I want to share with you.


Author: Cherada Network

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