Unusual Kitchen Gadgets and Cool Kitchen Tools

If you love getting Cool Kitchen Gadgets to make your life easier, you might like these three unusual kitchen gadgets. Whether you just want to cook some eggs and muffin or just have your hot dogs ready to eat, these gadgets will do the job for you.

I visited my aunt Jemima last week. I love calling her that way because she seems like the lady in the honey and pancakes picture. Anyways, while I was on her kitchen I saw many unusual kitchen gadgets that really surprised me. My aunt is one of those persons that when watches TV and sees some kitchen gadget advert she immediately pick up the phone and call for the company to send her one of the brand new products home. I’m not sure if this is a kind of mental condition or something but it doesn’t seem normal to me. I mean, I agree that some of those kitchen gadgets and products you see on tv look awesome but you don’t have to ask for them just because they look great. They cost money, a lot, and the majority of us have a limited budget and have to pay all the bills, mortgage and education.

Anyways, this Post is not to talk about mental conditions or anything that has to do with getting crazy while shopping but to show you some of the kitchen gadgets that are sort of unusual, weird, outrageous and sometimes cool.

Cool and Unusual Kitchen Gadgets

If we had some favorite food that eat on a very regular basis we try to find ways to simplify the way of cutting the pieces or preparing that food.

Egg and Muffin Gadget


This kitchen gadget I wouldn’t classified it as unnecessary nor necessary but it really is very useful, even more if we are one of those people that work at home but are too lazy to prepare some breakfast, and it’s definetely great if you run fast to your job but want to have a good couple of eggs and muffins without having to go to any place to have them done. I’m talking about the Egg and Muffin Toaster. This is an amazing kitchen gadget that allows you to have a couple of egg and muffin in 4 minutes. You can get either the 2 eggs and four english muffin toaster for $60 or have the one that is half the size for half the money.

The Hot Dog Roller


This might seem as a classy hot dog roller and a decorative gadget piece for your kitchen but it’s quite an expesive kitchen gadget if you want to have one of these babies, about $90 to $100. Althought it may seem ridiculous this hot dog roller allows you to cook 8 hot dogs at the time, and I guess is fun taking a look to the process.

The Pizza Cutter Scissors


Finally, this is one of the cool kitchen gadgets that I found on my aunt’s kitchen. These are some pizza cutter scissors that makes pretty fair the task of cutting pizza slices. You just have to make the first cut with a knife and then these scissors will cut and grab the slice in the exact same sizes. I know it looks not necessary to have but trust me that is useful when one person is serving the pizza to the others. You can have this kitchen gadget for $20 bucks.


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