Best Robot Dance Ever as seen on So You Think You Can Dance!

No one could had ever imagined that the Best Robot Dance was performed at school. Yeah, that’s right. This is a 2001 video, pretty dusty I must say, almost a decade. But The Robot Dance performance of this guy as no comparison anywhere!

I’m getting a couple of videos so you can also learn how to do the Robot Dance that has became so popular after the ‘So You Think You Can Dance‘ auditions througout the United States.

For as simple as it seems the truth is that is not. Robot Dance is an art. You can be the King of any party if you performe this dance correctly. It’s not just to make the stupid out of yourself moving your arms like an idiot. Not. Ok, ok, that sounded rough, but it’s true. You’ve got to put all your efforts into this to acomplish good results. Who knows.. it might be that you can be the next Dance Star by doing the Robot!


Author: Cherada Network

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