[FREE DOWNLOAD] The Mystery of Economic Growth by Elhanan Helpman

Download for free “The Mystery of Economic Growth” by Elhanan Helpman, in this book he analizes a number of researches that have revolutionized the knowledge about this topic in the last years and summarizes explaining the fundamental messages in clear, easy and accesible language.


Economic growth throughout history, as Helpman tells, is organized around a series of topics: the importance of accumalating tangible capital and human resources; the influence of technological factors in the accumulation rate; the process of knowledge development and in its influence over productiviry; the interdependence between growth rates in differente countries, and, lastly, the role of economic institutions and policies to promove accumulation, innovation and change.

Helpman, is one of the main researchers on economic growth, he reviews, criticizes and integrates succinctly current investigations – on capital accumulation, education, productivy, commerce, inequality, geography and institutions – and clarifies its relevance for international economic inequalities.

In particular, he considers that institutions – specially the protection of property rights, law systems, customs and politic systems – are the key for the mystery of economic growth.

The resolution of this mistery could allow to adopt measures able to put the poorests countries on the path of continual growth of rent per capita and all that this implies, and Helpman’s study is a positive change and necessary in the right direction. Elhanan Helpman has made fundamental contributions to the knowledge about economic growth.

Thus, the book adopts a more retrospective vision and asseses all that has been learned. Each of its pages reflects a deep understanding, erudition and wisdom.


Author: Cherada Network

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