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It all started when I traveled to Costa Rica last year. I was following the entire House MD Season after comming back from work
. I had no problem at the time to watch any previous episode online on Fox. But when I was outside the States it all changed.
I got a very annoying message: "The Video you have requested is not available for your geographic region"

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Luckily for me, the friend that lived in Costa Rica knew all the tricks to avoid this Geographic IP restrictions and limitations
. He told me that we can always use the Proxy servers to hide our IP although streamming don't realize this is happening. So he mentioned VPN.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) based on the US allow us to navigate on the Web like if we were inside the US. The only catch is that we have to pay a monthly charge for using this. But is cheap. I mean, for $9.95 a month you can access your bank accounts, your social networks, download and sharing sites, streamming sites, etc. Trust me, it's worthy. Otherwise you would need to pay ten bucks in each and every site you need to be up to date.

There are several VPN services. You just have to search "USA VPN" on Google and get the best that fits your purposes. I use SecureIX.

Watch TV Streams Outside US

Of course, if you are lucky enough, you'll find other options besides VPN. They could be finding the streammings uploaded on Megavideo.

On some websites, such as, I've checked that it's not necessary to get a VPN account to watch streams for free. You just need to use the Ultrasurf Firefox Plugin and voila!