Jennifer Morrison is Dr. Allison Cameron from House M.D.

Dr. Allison Cameron is the responsable to put the human touch on Dr. House's Diagnose Team. She's the one dealing with moral and ethics in delicate cases.

Jennifer Morrison started her career as Child Model, appearing on JCPenney and Montgomery Ward commercials. When se was 10 years old she appeared on Kids Sports Illustrated Cover next to Michael Jordan Basketball Star. She had her debut on a Movie at the age of 15 as Richard Gere and Sharon Stone's daughter on the Movie Intersection. After that she was Samantha on The Last Step with Kevin Bacon.

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison Filmography and TV Appereances

Her filmography include Movies like Star Trek, Table for Three, The Murder of Princess Diana, Urban Legend, Nantucket, Surviving Christmas and many more.

Dr. Allison Cameron (Jennifer Morrison)

But it was not until she joined Dr. House's Team on the Popular House M.D Crew performing Dr. Allison Cameron that she became really famous.