The 10 Most Common Windows 7 Bugs and Fixes

I've been working a lot these days with my brand new computer which has the Windows 7 OS installed. It looks almost the same as Windows Vista with the difference that many of the bugs on this last version have been solved, or at least that's what Microsoft guys say. But, there are still problems around. I mean, last night, I was in the middle of writing something when some Error message pop up. I was surprised about it and I began to search what the most common Windows 7 bugs and fixes were.

One thing that called my attention is that some say that Windows 7 is based on Windows XP as it was the last estable version of Microsoft Windows OS and with just the visual environment of Windows Vista. I'm not pretty sure if that's true but it make sort of sense. I mean, we all love Windows XP, you can install anything you want. In fact, I keep Windows XP in most of my computers. But it's also true that it's been 10 years since Microsoft launched Windows XP and computers these days are way more powerful and so we need better operating systems.

Windows 7 had thousand of beta testers that were familiarized with Windows Vista. Thanks to that Microsoft was able to solve thousands of bugs and made the launchment of Windows 7 a reality.

Most Common Windows 7 Bugs and Fixes

However, we still can find some bugs when working with Windows 7.

At fist sight, the most common bugs of Windows 7 have to do with speed. We can experience slow thumbnail loading time, slow right click menu and slow shutdown.

Lucky for us, there is a nice and cool solution for fixing the 21 most common bugs we find in Windows 7.

Some of these fixes are:

  1. Enable Task Manager

  2. Enable Command Prompt

  3. Enable Registry Editor

  4. Enable Folder Options

  5. Reboot After Update

  6. Update Shut Down

  7. Slow Shutdown

  8. Slow Thumbnail

  9. Restore Aero Function

  10. Disable IPv6

  11. Enable IPv6

  12. No DVD Drive

  13. Installer Crash

  14. Slow Menu

  15. Themes Changes

  16. System Try

  17. Taskbar Properties

  18. Taskbar Context

  19. Win-X Shortcuts

  20. Display Properties

  21. Control Panel

The application's name is 7 Quick Fix 1.0 and you can review it and download it here. The good thing about this application is that you select and unselect the fixes that you want to take effect when you are updating Windows 7.

Microsoft give us the popular Service Pack 1 and 2 after some semesters after the launchment of a new Operating System. However, there are some good fix packs on the Internet.

We also can experience some problems when installing some softwares or games that were built thinking about Windows XP and probably are not compatible with Windows 7. We can find fixes for these things too.