Meteor Shower on August 2009: NASA Video and Photos

First let me begin by saying that I didn't know that there was actually a 'Deep Impact' mision out there. Yeah right, just as the name of the famous movie that came out along with Armagedon. Oh lovely days those near the Y2K. No one had a clue wether they were or not alive the day after lol.

What we saw as a Gigantic Cosmic Fireworks on our Earth Atmosphera was a Perseid Meteor Shower. This is a very good video from the NASA explaining the whole thing that went out on August 2009. Check it out! Perseid meteors appear as streaks in this time-exposure. When a comet nears the Sun its icy surface heats up causing clouds of dust and dirt of millions of miles. It's just when the Earth passes this tail when we see the meteor shower.