Photoshop Drawing Tutorial to Create Nice Images Easily

I'm one of those dudes that spend hours watching those videos on Youtube of people drawing celebrity faces using photoshop
These guys are artists. They can draw whatever they want by simply using the pen tool and after effects techniques

But now we all are able to start our drawing experiments following the steps that these amazing tutorials teach us

Drawing Photoshop

Photoshop Drawing Tutorials

PSDFan bring us these 25 amazing tutorials to draw anything we can imagine:

  • Create Headphones

  • Custom Sim Cards

  • Create a Macbook Air

  • Making of Frodo

  • Digital Painting ? Making of Red Assassin

  • Various Painting Techniques

  • Making of Transformer ? Death Blow

  • Create a Realistic Wine Bottle Illustration From Scratch

  • Drawing a Female Character

  • Painting Rocks

  • Paint a Candle

  • Surprise Behind Curtain

  • A Pseudo Skull From Start to Finish

  • Painting Rock and Stone in Photoshop

  • Using Gradients to Make Light & Shadow, and a Coffee Cup

  • Creating Holiday Wreaths

  • Create a Realistic Blackberry Mobile From Scratch

  • And many more!

Photoshop Drawing Tutorial

So have a look at PSDFan and learn how to make amazing drawings with Photoshop!