Photoshop Background Image in 3d, Transparent, Pattern and Chrome

What makes a background look incredible are textures. No matter
if you are dealing with a 3d, chrome or pattern background and having transparency, you need to follow these techniques

In these Photoshop Tutorials you will learn:

How to Create a Transparent Background
How to Create 3d Effects in your Backgrounds
How to Design Chrome Effects
How to Create and Extend Patterns

Photoshop Chrome Background

When designing whether a Website or a Comercial Ad you need to create background images of any size

Photoshop Transparent Background

As you know, when designing background refers to anything that is at the back of something. This could be the background of a H1 title of a column box or the background of our desktop, say a wallpaper. So first we are going to show some great tutorials for creating this wallpaper backgrounds.

25 Photoshop Background Tutorial

Background Photoshop

What I like about this guy, is that has collected a great number of tutorials that show us exactly how to create wallpapers using photoshop. You can design grunge metal backgrounds, wooden, windows vista aurora effect, abstract lights, smooth silks, chrome backgrounds, etc. So, have a look here!

Photoshop Backgrounds with 3d Effects
You'll just love these! I mean, who doesn't love to have 3d backgrounds and best of, being able to create the yourself! Well, take a look to this site that shows you how to create different backgrounds with 3d effect on them.

And, as promised at the beginning of this post, here are some other great tutorials: