Whiten Armpits and Remove Armpit Hair or Dark Shadows in Photoshop

You know, one of women most sexiest part of the body are armpits... and hands, and feet, and legs, arms, neck, you get my point. Those parts of the body that both women and men have but that look way ore different in the female body, more stylish. So we want to make them look perfect.

There's no better photo of a woman than when she's playing with her hair raising the arms
But what a gross surprise would it be to see hair or dark shadows on those armpits

Remove Armpit Shadows

I don't know if armpits are sort of taboo topic but I couldn't find any specific Photoshop Tutorial to deal with this issue. But considering that armpits are portions of skin with hair and sweat,
we can use skin correction techniques to smooth and whiten this area

These are some good threads on forums and posts about skin correction with Photoshop: