Whiten Yellow Teeth in Photoshop to Look Like a Star

You can always whiten your yellow teeth by going to an specialist or by using baking soda and reducing the amount of coffee and cigarettes you take
. By the way, you should do all that. After all, we want to look good in real life.

But, the purpose of this post is to tell you how can you whiten your teeth using Photoshop
. It never has been easier to achieve this goal and the results are astonishing.

Whitening your teeth with Photoshop is an easy thing to achieve if you know the exact right buttons to push. Steve Patterson from PhotoshopEssentials.com tell us exactly how to do it. They explain the whole process in a four-page tutorial. But don't get scared, it's not long, he just explains with big pictures what you have to do.

This is how the picture looked before doing the correction:

Yellow Teeth

During the process:

Whitening Teeth with Photoshop

And this is how the Teeh looked afterwards:

White Teeth after Using Photoshop

On this tutorial you will learn to both withen and brighten your teeth using a couple of tools right on the selected yellow area

Link: Whiten and Brighten your Teeth in Photoshop