Whiten Eyes and Change Eye Iris Color in Photoshop

Let me start by saying that I didn't know that the white part of the eye was called sclera
. Ever since I knew that I got interested in finding ways to keet that area as white as possible. This is hard to get due to the sun, high screen exposure, tired eyes, etc. But that doesn't mean that your eyes will be damaged forever. In fact, there are natural ways to whiten your eyes.

Whiten Eyes Sclera

Today, however, I will talk about how you can whiten your eyes using Adobe Photoshop.
You probably have a nice picture but both your eyes sclera and teeth look a bit opaque or yellow
. Trust me, it's really easy to whiten your eyes using Photoshop, you just have to follow the steps that this guy show us.

Change Eye Color

Iris is a flower but also the part of your eyes that determine their color whether they are blue, green, brown or gray
. In fact, when people refers to the color of the eyes they are talking about the iris. Today you will learn how you can change the eye iris color using Photoshop. What I liked about that Site is that is a Forum and so the people there participate and provide other points of view.