Remove Red Eyes in Photoshop with the Easiest Tutorial Ever

Remove that annoying red eye that appears in your photos.
You are not a cat and so you are not supposed to have red eyes when a flash lights at you
. Photoshop is a great resource for removing red eyes in your photos.

Methodshop show us exactly how to remove red eyes with Adobe Photoshop. Just as they say,
having photos with red eyes is a pain in the ass and we want to get rid of that. All you need is the picture in digital format and Adobe Photoshop
7.0 or higher.

To remove red eyes you will need to do some few adjustments and play with the Channel Mixer
. But we have to be careful as we don't want to remove all the redness in the entire picture but just from the eyes. We use masks hence.

We can finish up the work by adjusting the colors and by softening the result with a Gaussian Blur.

The results are amazing, specially considering that some of the photos we want to fix were taken while we were having a great time at a party with our friends.

And that's it. Check out this nice tutorial to remove red eyes using Adobe Photoshop.