11 Hot Pictures of Chyler Leigh, Meredith Grey's little sister

Chyler Leigh is one of those people that when you see them on some TV Show you ask to yourself where you have seen her before, and then you say "Oh yes, I remember, I saw her on that movie".

Chyler Leigh Movies and TV Shows

So, what is the name of that TV Show and the Movie? Well, perhaps you are familiar with this popular TV Show Grey's Anatomy and you've seen in the last couple of seasons Meredith's little sister Lexie Grey. And if you've seen her you might have asked yourself who she is and where you have seen her before, and the answer would be on the Film Not another Teen Movie where she plays the main character of this nerd/hot girl that is not so popular among the other plastic ladies.

And so I figured that it would be a terrific idea if I could get some hot pictures together of Chyler Leigh and show them to you guys so you can come with your conclusions whether she is hot or not.