10 Ellen Pompeo Going Shopping Pictures

At first, I wanted to create a Post with some Ellen Pompeo pictures at the beach, but there were not many out there, and I thought "How's that possible when she is the very same Meredith Grey?" Instead all I was able to find were some pictures of her doing regular activities like going shopping and stuff like that.

Actually, it's a little bit funny that I write this Post today because is Ellen Pompeo's birthday. She was born in Everett, Massachusetts on November 10th, 1969, so she's exactly 40 years old today.

Ellen Pompeo main role is as Dr. Meredith Grey on Popular TV Show Grey's Anatomy.

I don't know why but Ellen Pompeo is always carrying a dog (or two) with her wherever she goes: when she goes for a pizza, or the market or a coffee, there's always Fido with her.

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