A Look on Windows 7

In the world of new advanced technologies, user enhancement and interaction is an important factor to consider in any system. Computers run on different types of Operating Systems depending on the model of the machine or the choice of the owner. Windows 7 is one of the most recent Operating System developed by Microsoft.

Users are the most important factor to consider when designing any system. Their requirements should be put in place to cater their needs. System should not only focus on functionality when designing but on usability too. The system should be designed to fit its users but not the users to fit the system. Microsoft took care of this by designing four versions of Windows 7.These are Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium and Starter. Each of these editions has different unique features. Professional edition supports encrypted file systems, domain based authentication and it can fit into tablets. Ultimate edition is an improved version of the Professional. It exquisitely supports some UNIX applications and also better files encryption. Home Premium is a simpler version of the above two editions. Starter as the name suggests does not have much functionality installed on it. It is like a Beta version of the original OS. Starter edition is mostly installed on computers that have not been used by any person, for example PCs on sale that comes with this type of OS.

As new features have been added to this OS, other features too have been removed. This includes features that existed in the previous versions. One of the most basic visible features is the stylish start menu found in Vista. Windows video maker and most features of the media player were removed too. These are just but among the few functionality that were removed.

This Operating System is available for both single and multi-users. Individual users can buy license that allows single use. Multiple installations are also available. This can be used by institutions.

In terms of performance and reliability, Windows 7 has a better speed as compared to previous versions. Forget about the long times needed for new windows installation, this is done in a considerable short time span. It also uses informative and legible icons that users easily understand. Tangible User Interaction can be experienced in Windows 7.This is because it supports touch devices like tablets. This allows vast users to experience its use regardless of the devices they are using.

All software's do have their pitfalls. Since its introduction into the market, some incompatibilities issues have been discovered. One cannot downgrade the existing pre-installed Internet Explorer. Some versions of Symantec Endpoint Protection are not supported by this Operating System. There are popular software programs that have experienced difficulties during their installation on Windows 7.

All in all, Windows 7 is one such OS that we should be proud of. Let's keep discovering it as we wait for the official release of Windows 8.


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