Mail Fraud is a Federal Crime which gets 20 Years of Prison

Mail Fraud is defined as misrepresentations or schemes to commit fraudulent acts using the US Mail System.

Asking for payments, documents or any information to someone to commit fraud like 'winning some prize, money or the lottery' or misrepresentation using the U.S. Mail System will be considered as Mail Fraud and is one of the Federal Crimes and Offenses.

Internet and E-Mail Frauds and Scams

There are some instances sending out bulk E-mails to hundreds of people all around the world. This is called Spam. But there's also some E-Mail practices that are considered Fraudulent such as the Nigerian Scam, where people ask for help to get out of Africa in exchange of 'millions of dollars transfered to your account' that, of course, don't exist. During that process these people take all the money that they can from you until the victim realizes that it was all about a Fraud.