[PDF] Crime Victims' Rights Act and Federal Courts of 2004

You or a loved one might had been a Crime Victim and you must know all your rights when presenting your case on a Federal Court. Every State has its own Rights but Crimes are always the same and first let's begin by numbering all of them.

List of Crimes

There are 42 different known crimes that can be commited:

  1. Aiding and Abetting / Accessory

  2. Arson

  3. Assault / Battery

  4. Bribery

  5. Burglary

  6. Child Abuse

  7. Child Pornography

  8. Computer Crime

  9. Conspiracy

  10. Credit / Debit Card Fraud

  11. Disorderly Conduct

  12. Domestic Violence

  13. Drug Cultivation and Manufacturing

  14. Drug Distribution / Trafficking

  15. Drug Possession

  16. DUI / DWI

  17. Embezzlement

  18. Extortion

  19. Forgery

  20. Hate Crimes

  21. Indecent Exposure

  22. Identity Theft

  23. Insurance Fraud

  24. Kidnapping

  25. Manslaughter: Involuntary

  26. Manslaughter: Voluntary

  27. Money Laundering

  28. Murder: First-degree

  29. Murder: Second-degree

  30. Perjury

  31. Prostitution

  32. Pyramid Schemes

  33. Racketeering / RICO

  34. Rape

  35. Robbery

  36. Securities Fraud

  37. Sexual Assault

  38. Stalking

  39. Tax Evasion / Fraud

  40. Telemarketing Fraud

  41. Theft / Larceny

  42. Wire Fraud

Crimes by State

If you want to know what your State Laws are regarding Rights, Compensation and Restitution you might find this information really useful: Crime Victims' Rights by State.

PDF Crime Victims' Rights of 2004 and Federal Courts

This document presents the Crime Victims' Rights as for 2004 and Federal Court related issues.


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