Hotmail/MSN POP3 and SMTP Configuration to Check Email on Outlook

Every morning the first thing I do is to have a cup of coffee to read all the emails of the day before. Since I manage many Websites I check many email accounts.

But as the human I am I also have a personal Hotmail account, you know, to stay in touch with friends and family. And
if I can avoid getting myself in to Windows Live page just to read a single email account I will definitely do what it takes
to gather all the reading together. There's nothing I have against MSN guys but I enjoy being organized.

Configuration of Windows Live Hotmail POP3 and SMTP Protocols

POP3 and SMTP are the in and out protocols to communicate with any server, in this case Windows Live
You can configure these parameters either on [b]Microsoft Outlook[/b] or Gmail

  • Incoming Server POP3:

  • Port: 995

  • SSL: Yes

  • Out Server SMTP:

  • Port: 25

  • Requires Authentication: Yes

  • TLS/SSL: Yes