Create Funny Photo Effects with PhotoFunia Swap your Face

So you were asking how to create fancy pictures of your friends, girlfriend or boyfriend, even yourself? How would you like to see your picture displayed on a giant banner at the top of a building, or would you like to appear as a tatoo on David Beckham abdomen? Then, here we go with Photofunia this time.

This site is the fantastic idea developed by two guys from Ukraine and the fun has been there from long time since it was first release in 2007.

The curious and funny thing about this tool we introduce to you today, is that it is based on the web, meaning you don't have to download or install any weird plugin for this to work right and you can apply as many effects as you desire to the same picture you want to pimp. The diverse variety of images where to embed your picture is big enough to have lots of fun for hours testing every and all, ranges from posters, advertisements, art, galleries, billboards, celebrities, frames, photography, media, tv, drawings, misc, magazines, faces, professions, movies, books, animations.

Times Square Photofunia Effect

For doing that, it uses a face recognition detection tool, so this site is more focused on portrait kind of pictures that comply with a series of conditions so the effects could be applied right. This requirements are mostly that the face is in front, without anything covering it and if possible with a neutral background. For instance, a typical ID picture could be ideal to use with this tool.

Photofunia Frame Effect

In regard to the effects available to tweak our pictures, Photofunia has lots of effects, from putting our picture under a beautiful antique frame, or on the shit of a hot girl, on a one dollar bill, on advertising banners, magazines, polaroid pics even in the reflection of an eye!

Though, as we have previously said, this site is focused mostly on portrait pictures and faces, some other pictures do well too, like those that create the effect of putting on a frame or a poster.

There are other effects that are not available yet, but will be soon and it surely will be increasing with time.

Photofunia works too well, amazingly fast and after our picture has been converted we have the option to save to our PC, save a special version to use it as avatar or send it like a Postcard anywhere in the world.

For more instructions on how to use the basics of Photofunia, a video by Chris Pirillo.