Megavideo, Watch Movies in Megavideo, No Pauses, with DetectVideo

How was it? 72 minutes of the film and then you had to wait like 54 minutes. Honestly I don't remember and that's because I got tired of that and got into the task of achieving the goal of watching Full Megavideo Movies completely from start to end without any pause at all!

At first sight the solution is quite simple: get a Premium Account, like for $9.95, but hey, there's got to be another way, right? And yes, there are a couple.

One would consist in unplugging your modem cable and restart the Internet Service, but that's only if your IP changes whenever you perform that action. Perhaps you could also try to connect via Proxy, I don't know, maybe with some Firefox plugin like FoxyProxy or using UltraSurf. Other, and the less optimum way would to be to wait the whole 54 minutes. Nah!


So I came with this alternative solution by searching a little bit and after going back and forth with the previous crappy ways.

So, I'm talking about this Firefox Add-on, DetectVideo, you just have to install it, restart Firefox, and you'll be able to watch Megavideo Movies without any pause wathsoever. Sounds great right? And yes, trust me, it works.

What DetectVideo does is to identify the video and pops up a little box on the inferior corner of your browser asking if you want to remove the limitations. When clicking on that button it will redirects to a new page with the movie, this time, complete.

Link: Get the DetectVideo Firefox Add-on Now.