Forgot/Stolen Recover Password: Hotmail, MSN, Messenger Account

A few days ago a friend told me that someone had stolen his Hotmail/MSN password. He really was desperate because he had important information on that account.

There are ways how people steal your Hotmail/MSN password. They use methods like phishing, keyloggers and many more.

So, what should we do if someone steals our Hotmail/MSN Password?

Recover Hotmail/MSN Password

Case 1: Forgot Password

Best case scenario would be that you just forgot your password, so relax, it's easy to get it back. If this happened you can use MessenPass that displays all the passwords of every messenger accounts that are contained on our pc (MSN Messenger, Windows Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, AOL IM, MySpace IM)

Case 2: MSN/Hotmail Password has been stolen

There are two options to recover your MSN/Hotmail account if has been stolen: You can Start a Session on Passport and then click on Forgot Password and they will be provide with 1 to 3 methods to recover your account: a) Answer the Secret Question, b) Sending an Email to Recover your Account, c) Sending the Bill Information of your Account. The last one is only applicable to those who have got premium services.

Second option is to go to Live Support and to Fill all the Data they require from you: name, alternative email, birthday, 5 of you contacts email addresses, folders that you have created, and others like that.