Publishing Guidelines I it is not a get rich quick overnight scheme. If you want to make a few extra dollars and maximize your earnings while using, then you should read this guide below.

First of all, in order to make money in, you should sign up for free as a member to obtain an account with Google AdSense.

1. How Google AdSense works

Contextual advertising blocks are place in your articles based on the analysis done by Google Adsense regarding to the contents within your article and the keywords used in it. Google will try to match its ads with the contents of your article.

The advertising blocks are placed in your article automatically. provides you a exposure percentage of your AdSense blocks starting from 50%. That is to say, those articles which its topic deserves a exposure of 50% will mean that you can earn money half the time and we the other half.

Google will send you a check every time your account reaches $100 or more. does not pay directly to its members (Googles deals with that), nor we manage any private information concerning to your Google AdSense account.

NOTE: Never click on your own ads or instruct someone else to do that. Doing so will mean a violation of the Terms of Service of and Google and will end with the termination of your account in both websites.

2. About the articles

For your article to be approved for publishing in any of the websites in our network, this must count with 300 words and no more than 1,000. If your article is very long you can fractionate it by delivering in installments, let's say Part 1 and Part 2, each with 500 words.

Grammar, punctuation and spelling are important. It is mandatory that you use any program available for you to check this aspects before submitting your article for revision at

NOTE: All that you publish at must be written in your own words. Plagiarism, which is the copying of another's words, in some cases, at least their ideas, is a crime that will result in the termination of your account at

3. What Can You Write About

Write about anything you know. The more you know about something, more topics you will have and the more you will enjoy the activity.

There are no particular topic that makes more money that the others. Any kind of informaton can be found on the Internet. So, just write about anything you know and the readers will come.

4. How To Create an Effective Title

Write the body of the article first, thus you will have a better idea how to entitle your article.

Write the title in such a way that represents the content of your article and anything a visitor could be looking for through a search engine, for instance: at Google.

All titles must contain at least three words and no more of 66 characters in total. If your article is short of words it will be too much general as to be found in any search engine.

The title is the most importante part of your article, so, you should better be sure to choose wisely the words to use.

Example of a very good title

  • "How To Make Scented Soap at Home"

  • "The Best Ideas to Save Buying Seasonal Fruits"

  • "10 Tools to Connect Facebook to Twitter"

Bad titles

  • "Real Estate"

Titles too general

  • "John Doe"
    (This is a name withou too much sense for anyone looking for information)

  • "January 12nd 1943"
    (Do note write a date unless it is an historic reference)

  • "Managing a New Business"
    (Too general and wide)

  • "Wonderful Thing"
    (Pointless - what is that wonderful thing?)

  • "Sylvia's Financial Secrets"
    (Sylvia's identity is pointless for anyone looking information; on the other hand, is too general or wide)


  • Avoid using all CAPITAL to write your titles

  • Avoid statements that are not supported in the content of your article

  • Avoid using Microsoft Word to write your articles so you just copy and paste here, we do not accept special characters from that software in our system, this includes: apostrophes, quotation marks, dashes, blanks.

  • Do not make excessive use of exclamation or interrogation marks (!!!!!) or (?????)

  • Do not use redundant words in your title, this should be read naturally.

5. How To Write the Description or Summary of Your Article

Every article must have with a brief description that summarizes the benefits to be found if a visitor continues reading the rest of your article, it does not have to surpass 250 characters, without using it for your name, placing links nor your email or using HTML code.

(...) Please read the Part II of these Publishing Guidelines.