Therapies to Counteract Stress and Depression

1-Keep busy:
Moderate and regular work is one of the best remedies when you feel discouraged, set a simple goal and do it. The feeling of completing it will provide you satisfaction and new energies.
Keep Busy
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2-Reserve spare time:
Anxiety and discouragement often appear as a result of overwhelming stress or by having too much leisure time. It is therefore to keep busy and at the same time respect your free time in order to enjoy and recover energy. During leisure you can take a ride, you can also practice some relaxation exercises such as waist, neck and shoulders stretches, etc.
Spare Time
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3-Interacting with people who shows concern for others:
Although nowadays we are all far too busy with our own problems, it is possible to be interested in other people and try to relieve those who could be on the verge of depression with our understanding and acceptance, without reproaching or blaming them.
Interacting With People
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Spontaneous laughter is incompatible with anxiety, discouragement, stress, etc. Find places and people that make you be in a good mood.
Spontaneous Laughter
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5-Adopt an attitude of hope:
Hope is a fundamental factor in human existence, without it we easily fall into doubt, fear and anxiety, depression common ingredients. It has been shown that those who have hope in the afterlife and maintain a relationship with God as a caring father have a powerful weapon against depression. The absence of hope leads to a risk of anxiety, stress, etc., which are negative agents that lead to depression.
Attitude Of Hope
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6-Get enough sleep:
We all know the terrible effects of a sleepless night. Sleep is a very important factor in our lives, we recover energy while we sleep. Sleep requirements vary for each person, as there are factors such as by age and genes, but adults usually need between six to nine hours of sleep to get a good rest.
Enough Sleep
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7-Healthy balanced diet:
Much has been discovered in the last decade about the relationship between food and mental health. There are foods rich in vitamins or minerals that strengthen the nervous and immune systems, or could even inhibit the secretion of hormones related to stress, such as orange. These foods can be highly recommended and may be mentioned these ones: bananas, raisins, almonds, wheat germ, spinach, milk, honey, broccoli and sunflower seeds. It is worth mentioning that a healthy diet should avoid excess fat and alcohol, the latter with depressive effects in the medium to long term.
Healthy Diet
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We could not miss physical exercise, highly recommended for both physical and Psychological fitness specialists, and as you know physical and mental health, are dependant on each other. It is highly recommended to exercise outdoors, for example running or cycling, swimming is another highly recommended exercise, it makes work a lot of muscles, as well as water may be regarded as a relaxing element, closely associated this quality to the sensation of floating.
Do Exercise
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