Farmville by Zinga Tricks, Cheats and Tips [Facebook Games]

I've been playing Farmville by Zinga over the last couple of weeks and even though I was ok at the beginning, advancing a couple of levels, it was not until I used this cheats and tricks when I really master my performance.

Personally I'm not a big fan of these games where you just collect things and wait what happens. It never has got me that much action on opposition to the first person shooting games. But I never could had anticipated that Farmville by Zinga captivated my attention and time so much. Perhaps, and most probably, has to do with the fact that I have hundreds of friends on Facebook and almost 20% of them is playing this game... so, the Competition Spine emerge, and I always want to win, I mean, I want to beat all these folks!

So, here are some things that I've figured and some tricks that I took from others:

Having more neighbors is great, not only because you won't be alone anymore on the farm but because they help you out in different tasks like collecting leaves, avoid your plants to be eaten, and all this will give you more coins, return favors and get more for it, and so on.

Exchanging gifts with your friends is a task that also gives you more points.

Don't use much decorations. Sometimes you want to expand the size of your form and this decorations steals space and you can't complete these actions. I mean, you won't know where to put them. I recommend that you make your Farm big enough to start to consider getting any decoration.

Worst thing about decorations is that they help you out on your Farm but they won't give you much money if you decide to sell them. You can buy one decoration, say a Whitewash Fence for $500 and get only $25 if you sell it.

Rabbit skin is a winner, you get $60 every time you sell that skin. Actually it gives you twice the money you receive from a sheep skin ($28).

You guys get $8 bucks when you collect Hen eggs and $6 bucks when you milk your cow, lol.

There are some more advanced cheats and tricks that I'll be sharing with you soon. This post was only for you to know what to have and want to don't have in your farm, but there are other tricks that really gives you money.