6 Alzheimer's Disease Symptoms That You Should Be Awared Of

Alzheimer's Disease is known as a disease that causes memory loss, affects the brain and is the main cause of mental decline or dementia. Alheimer also affects the way a person performs daily activities, including how he or she speaks.

Alzheimer's Disease Symptoms

The main symptom related to Alzheimer's disease is memory loss but there are also 6 other symptoms that get worse slowly over time.

  1. Difficulty to Take Decisions

  2. Get confused about the time

  3. Getting Lost in Familiar and Well Known places

  4. Trouble to Learn and Remember New Information

  5. Trouble to Find the Right Words to Express Ideas

  6. Trouble to Perform Daily Activities like Cooking and Paying Bills

Family and loved ones support is the best treatment for a patient who suffers of Alzheirmer's Disease. The best thing you can do is to learn the techniques that can help the patient to carry on with his or her activities and also to be awared of the things you can expect and to not get dissapointed as the patients changes and loses memory.