Eye Effects and Photo Retouch Photoshop Tutorials

So, is my purpose today to share with you some great tools and tutorials to retouch your photos. I want to make you look like a star
. In fact, all those great magazine covers, perfume, clothes, makeup and lingerie ads have been retouch somehow.

Retouch and Repair Old and Damaged Photos

Photo Repair

You might have some photos that are damaged and you want to make them look like they originally did. Photoshop Talent give us precisely that, 30 tutorials guiding you step by step through the process of recovering your old pictures.


Beauty Retouching in Photoshop

Photo Retouch

How could it be possible to erase those expression lines in your face with makeup and not doing it with your photos. Well, now you can. Smashing Magazine provide us with a huge number of tutorials for retouching your face, skin, eyes, hair and body.


Retouching Eyes, Nose, Hair, Skin, Teeth and more

So if you want to definitely look like a professional model you can use these amazing Photoshop tutorials that Photoshoptalent has made for us
Among the parts of your body that you can retouch are: eyes, nose, hair, skin, teeth, mouth, nails

Now you don't have any excuse to not make your photos look great when you upload them to Facebook. Who knows, there might be tons of girls that will drive crazy about you with those little retouches. After all, you probably look the way you now look on the retouched photos except for the fact that you might not get along with cameras.