Some Tips to Choose the Perfect Laptop for You



Before you even ask if we need an ultrabook, netbook or any of the other variants, the first thing we must consider is the screen you really want to work. It may seem a minor issue; however, this aspect is to mark the rest of our decisions.

If we are to spend many hours working on the laptop or most of the time use the computer at home / office without move it, we would like a big screen losing mobility and gaining weight. In these cases may be worth load a kilo more when we walk in exchange of work comfortably everywhere. Actually, we can find screens with a size from 10 to 17 or 18 inches.

Moreover we have to look two fundamental keys: the ending (mate or glossy) and the maximum resolution regarding the first case, the usual today is that the screens are bright, it gives them more bright and vivid colors. Of course, in turn suffer more reflections and are inconvenient to use near sources of light. It is often a matter of taste, but just finds matte screens computers, when we do it, these models mainly aimed at professional environments, where the goal is to avoid the glare of typical fluorescent light of the offices or to work at full sun.

Regarding the resolution, each size has its maximum figures, although we can say that, on screens up to 11 ", the ideal is to have 1,366 x 768 pixels, whereas, if we speak of 13inches and up, figures suggest that fall above, always seeking the maximum possible. With current operating systems, it makes little sense to buy screens with resolutions not very high, then less information will fit on the screen and work with multiple applications at the time will be more uncomfortable.


The next factor and probably for many the most important, is the size / weight of the machine. If we are looking for something very light to carry anywhere in the minimum space, our choice will be a netbook, ultrabook or microlight. Likewise, if just going to move and look for attributes such as a wider keyboard or maximum power, our gaze should be directed to bigger laptops. We will save some money and have a machine best suited to our needs.